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Director Eva Cox

ACN 00920027 Reddate Pty Lid


Good social and political research can be a useful tool for those seeking social change because quality data can add evidence to debates about what is to be done.  Those in power make decisions on their data and political priorities but often those without resources have little capacity to respond in kind. Our consultancy is there to assist the communities without the skills and resources to argue with power, by working out with them how organise their own data. We offer high professional standards and integrity in all our projects both as a principle and to ensure reports are taken seriously


We offer the following services in house and through a network of consultants:

  • Survey design - how to find out what you want to know
  • Qualitative (observation, focus groups, interviewing) and
  • quantitative (questionnaires and formal interviews)
  • training – how to do your own research, interviewer training , how to run and analyse a focus group, how to write up data/findings
  • On line questionnaire design
  • advocacy and political training  – skills for making changes
  • social policy advice and development
  • ICT advice and support (Cat add your stuff here.)


We have some experience of working with a range of groups including Aboriginal groups  and those from diverse cultures and recognise the need to adapt skills and concepts as well as encourage groups to develop their own professional skill bases. We therefore offer collaborative development of community research capacities so groups can become both comfortable with their own data collections for monitoring and advocacy.


We have sliding scales and some pro bono capacity.  


Public speaking, writing and workshops


Eva Cox AO has a long background as media commentator, conference presenter and workshop presenter. She is a powerful public speaker. She covers a wide range of areas including: The ABC Boyer Lecturer, (1995 A Truly Civil Society); her active feminist involvement over 40 years; her work on a range of social and community issues as political adviser, bureaucrat and activist. She makes regular contributions to Crikey and other on line publications.  She is available for selected conferences, workshops and other public events.  More information on available:

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